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The brass metal used to create Allela was recycled in line with our Eco bold culture. After the scrap was collected, artisans and handymen went straight to work melting, sorting and preparing the metal for a special task. It was the turn to create Allela brass; a statement neckpiece for you who attends exclusive events earns from a unique image and simply enjoys looking fabulous. You will feel nothing less than a queen in this handmade neckpiece; handmade from scratch.

Allela is a name whose meaning is clearly visible in this glowing brass masterpiece. Allela represents intent, wisdom, intuition, and seriousness. Do these adjectives seem to describe you? If so please pick up Allela brass, because it was made just for your personality. You are confident, spontaneous, thoughtful, and unapologetically fashionable.


Allela brass is a magnificent piece comprising nineteen brass circles held together by little brass rings. They are arranged to give the illusion of a magnum chain stretched upon your chest like a bib. The chain clasps for Allela neckpiece help you lock it comfortably in place so you can focus only on your tasks.


This is definitely a head turner, so only a girl who isn’t afraid of attention should adorn it. Alella will bring an irresistible allure to your style. It is so bold a piece that no one who sees it on you will be able to hide their admiration. Allela brass piece does indeed make a loud statement!

Allela Brass Circles Necklace

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